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  • SEO strategy to maximize search ranking
  • Compelling copywriting on ads and sites
  • Easy to use sites by UI/UX designer
  • A Social Media expert to target specific audiences
  • A Community Manager and growth hacker

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How We Work

HubbedIn recruiters has created a database of digital marketing talents in Southeast Asia.

Digital Marketing Database

Our recruiters work closely with you to headhunt the best digital marketers. With our extensive database, easily find your match in days. Whether you need a copywriter, digital artist, social media manager... we have you covered.

HubbedIn recruiters screen digital marketing talents stringently for their language fluency, as well as their portfolio works.

The Screening Process

We screen digital marketing talents stringently for their language fluency, as well as their portfolio works. You can be assured that you are talking to quality talent.

HubbedIn provide flexible additional services for its clients

Hassle-Free Remote Hiring

You can easily hire the digital marketer full-time using our payroll service, or if you prefer, to handle the payroll yourself.

What Others Say

Like all startups, hiring and building an A team is possibly the most important thing we can do at the earliest stage and doing so can certainly be a challenge. We ran a number of campaigns throughout LinkedIn and other job boards and engaged a number of agencies, but in the HubbedIn proved to be the single strongest pipeline for candidates for us with HubbedIn understanding just what kind of profiles we were looking for and referring terrific candidates. We’ll definitely keep working with them!

- Wilfried, CEO Zaapi -

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