Scale Fast With Full-Time
Senior Tech Engineers

Dedicated Full Time
Min. 3 Years Experience
Extensive Screening
From $1500 per Month
Transparent Salaries

An Extensive Network of Top 10% Tech Talents

Focused full-time, for your success
Ryan LuiTech Lead, 8 years experience Proficient in MERN, NodeJS, MongoDB, SQL, Microservices
James C.CTO, 11 years experience Mobile and web application development, database architecture
Lemuel E.Senior Engineer, 5 years PHP, Laravel, Microservices

Stringent Tests to Ensure Only Quality Hires

Coding Proficiency TestTalents have to pass a technical test and score above 80%.
Face-to-Face InterviewOur talent scouts test talents for English fluency and technical knowledge.
Interviews with CompaniesCompanies access suitable candidates and screen them with inhouse processes.
Full-Time ConfirmationOffer a full-time contract to the talent that matches your needs!

Reduce Hiring Costs up to 50%, While accessing quality engineers

Hire More for LessHire better quality for your budget by expanding talent pool
High Quality HiresOnly the top 10% of talents, with minimally 5 years of experience.
Shorter Hiring TimesShorten the hiring time from 8 weeks to 2 weeks
Build Your A-Star Team
HubbedIn Client - EsseploreHubbedIn Client - ZaapiHubbedIn Client - Thisco
HubbedIn Client - Crimson EducationHubbedIn Client - Alpha ImpactHubbedIn Client - Luce
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