About UsWe were created from a desire to create a happier workplace for all,
through better career matching for talents and companies.
During the Great Resignation (2021), there was a peak in people seeking new roles - highlighting the number of disengaged employees. Agnes Chew and Soon Heng, the founders of HubbedIn, noticed that current job application processes are archaic - relying on solely resumes to judge if talents could go through the next round.Bootstrapping the business, they built a better and more efficient way to match companies and talents well, to see beyond a talent’s paper qualifications. Through video interview software, career podcasts and enabling talents to create beautiful personal landing pages, they enable talents to tell their own personal story, in their own unique way.Today, HubbedIn continues to grow as a supportive talent community, focused to help talents step up in their career, no matter what stage they are in.
Soon HengHubbedin Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Agnes ChewHubbedin Founder and Head of People
Recruitment ServicesHubbedin launched recruitment services to help match tech talents and companies using coding tests.
First HiresHubbedin hired their first employees (recruiters).
Tech Job PortalWe launched version 1 of Tech Job Portal for tech talents.
Tech Job Portal UpgradeWe launched an improved version of Tech Job Portal.
Personal Landing PagesWe launched Personal Landing Pages to help talents share their stories better.
Tech Job Portal Upgrade
  • Now this is a story all about how, my life got flipped-turned upside down
  • We launched The Bridge Podcast for deep career insights for talents.
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