Resume 2.0
The resume’s sole purpose is to land you an interview, giving your potential employer a feel for your experience and skills in the
best way possible. That is why we created Story so you can elevate your resume experience to the next level.
Video > Paper
Go beyond paper resumes. Let us help you showcase your skills and abilities better in the remote-work culture. Story exists for those who want to showcase themselves better in a competitive market of talented individuals.
Make It Once, Use It Forever
You don’t need to repetitively update your resume and re-share it again. With Story, you can just make the changes and everyone you shared your story with will get the update.
Attract potential employers by highlighting your values and connect with those who has their values align with yours.
Track Your Applications in One Spot
Automate your application process with Story and remove all the hassle you used to encounter in the screening process.
Showcase Your Story
Share your backgrounds, education, skills, projects, and especially who you are, what you value and look for in a workplace.
Not Sure How to Showcase Yourself?
No worries! We also offer resources and free consultations to equip
you with the skills necessary to go above and beyond.
Speaking in-front of a camera
Interview skills
Communicating your talents
It’s Time to Share Your Story